Car Wheel Alignment

What is wheel alignment?

Have you ever noticed that your vehicle is not moving in a straight line, even though you are holding the steering wheel properly? The chances are that it is a misalignment in the wheels of your vehicle. Perfectly aligned wheels ensure that your car or any other vehicle moves in a straight line. However, when you feel that your car is moving oddly to one side or the other, it means that your vehicle's wheels are out of their place and require alignment. There are numerous benefits to having proper vehicle wheel alignment and these include a better look to the car, reduction of steering trouble while you drive, as well as an improvement in the fuel mileage of your vehicle. Thanks to modern technology such as laser wheel alignment, the process has become straightforward.

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Who would need the alignment of wheels?

Anybody who believes that they are not able to control the direction of their vehicle's tyres properly through the steering wheel needs a laser wheel alignment. The procedure might seem complicated but it is straightforward. The technician uses focused laser beams to check the front wheel of your vehicle to determine if they are aligned, as they ought to be, and that the wheels should be pointing forwards. However, the reality is that the wheels are set up to point at specific angles to make sure the vehicle rolls along smoothly.

How does the alignment of wheels work?

The technician attaches brackets to the wheels of your vehicle to check its alignment and shines the laser beam from one wheel to the other. If required, he can shine the beam on all four wheels with the help of an overhead projector. The technician can see whether the wheels are aligned or not depending on where the rays of the laser fall on a scale. For greater accuracy, the technician uses a computer to evaluate the position of the light concerning the scales. It is a simple job to adjust the suspension, once he has established the degree of misalignment, so the wheels are set up correctly.

What does the technician check?

The technician checks three angles of wheel alignment: the toe, caster, and camber. Each of them has a different angle calculated by the manufacturer of the vehicle to improve the performance of its suspension system and the steering to make the car handle predictably, responsively, and smoothly. The car specialist corrects any of the above settings in case they are out of alignment to ensure that the car moves smoothly and that the driver can predict its movement accurately as determined by the movement of the steering wheel.

When would you need alignment of wheels?

You require this process when you observe:

- Uneven tyre wear

- The car pulls to the right or the left even though the steering wheel is straight

- The steering wheel is off-centre when driving straight. Remember, this can also take place because of an improperly installed steering wheel

- Juddering through the steering wheel